Advantages of Using Cloud Storage and IT Providers for Backup Software

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When it comes to backup and data storage, there are many different options. You get free backup software programs or purchase some to use.
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You also have two other options: cloud storage and IT providers.

Cloud Storage

Storing your important files in a remote place rather than in local, physical locations, such as your hard drive, is more advantageous in the long run. In the world of expanding technology, storing your data on the cloud is fast becoming popular. Reasons why it is one of the top choices include:

1. Cost – External hard drives and backup tapes are quite expensive. You should also factor in the cost of the time it will consume when you manually do routine back-up your files. When you compute the cost of traditional backup routines and compare it to the minimal monthly fees for cloud space, you will realize that it is less expensive to get storage space online.

2. Security – Your data backed up in the cloud is encrypted during transmission and while it is stored. You can be sure that there will be no unauthorized access to sensitive or confidential information. Whereas, if you store it locally, your files are susceptible to security breech.

With cloud storage, you have extra protection for very important, inimitable. Your back-ups are physically detached from the original files and stored in secure settings.

3. Accessibility – It is profitable for you to be able to access your files whenever you need the, wherever you are, from whatever device you have. You can retrieve information using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer easily.

4. Automation – Unless you have a dedicated team who will back up your files, you can be sure that it will not get done regularly. There is the risk of losing important data or files whether is no proper follow through. When you use online storage services, you can automate back-ups. Just key in information on what to back-up and when to do it and you don’t have to worry about the process.

5. Sharing – Cloud storage services lets you share a single file or a whole folder of documents with ease.

6. Syncing – You don’t have to worry about making a back-up copy of the latest version of your file. Cloud storage allows you to sync your files across all of your different devices.

7. Recovery – should you encounter tragic data loss, you can easily access and restore back-ups, ensuring you have zero business downtime.

8. Inconspicuousness – Cloud storage does not take up physical space in your home or office.

Getting an IT Provider

If you want quality data management without the hassle of close monitoring, another option you should consider is to employ the services of a provider of IT support in London. You should get an enterprise-grade back-up and recovery solution provider who will be provide you an integrated strategy to data protection.

The advantages of getting expert help include:

-Eliminate internal backup procedures
-Virtualize data storage
-Create virtual copies on demand
-Data management for physical servers, workstations, virtual machines and applications.
-Simple SLA-driven user interface
-Tools ensure protection of more data using less storage resources

Such companies also offer flexible and instant disaster recovery whether your files are on physical, cloud or virtual storage. You can operate at high efficiency when you have zero downtime with critical business applications, data and systems. . With a professional IT support, you can even manage all your storage and backup activities using a single management console.

Your files are valuable. Don’t be afraid to make that investment on backup software today.

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